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After fifteen years of development Oxytane is now available in the UK.

Oxytane is a revolutionary new fuel additive which can reduce fuel consumption by up to 15% in cars and motor cycles, 25% in outboard and inboard marine engines and up to 40% in generators. Additional benefits include smoother running, lower emissions, and an increase in power.

Unlike other fuel additives which are simply octane-boosters, Oxytane delivers benefits by reducing the electrostatic charge in fuel. Oxytane’s static charge reduction minimises the molecular interference within the fuel as it flows. The result is a denser, more energy-efficient fuel that permits more of the BTUs within the fuel to be available for use by the engine creating a more complete combustion

Independent tests conducted on a variety of unmodified vehicles worldwide have confirmed that Oxytane can have a dramatic and positive effect on engines' fuel economy and emissions. This is significant, as most additives on the market show no effect, lean out the mixture, or produce an inconsistent response.

In a modern fuel-injected vehicle, the size of the fuel droplets introduced into the cylinders is determined by microscopic holes in the injector. Adaptive engine control systems slightly reduce the fuel per injection to keep the air/fuel ratio near parameters set by the vehicle manufacturer. However, with Oxytane added the energy output stays the same or increases slightly because less of the fuel is attracted to the metals within the engine. That's why, even though the total fuel volume is less, the amount of work performed in an Oxytane-fueled vehicle is stable and fuel economy increases, while emissions levels decrease.



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Be a part of the Oxytane revolution, reduce fuel consumption, reduce emissions and improve performance.